September 20, 2020

Auto car wax-Which Auto car wax should I buy?

Auto car wax

Wow! Great issue! First, you need to know that there is a variety of “wax” and “polish”.
Auto car wax usually does not last as long as shine because of their break down place. By that, I mean that they tend to melt easily on hot summer days. It has been said by many car lovers that wax does give a better “wet” showroom shine. But that is very not settle given all the new technology in polishes these days. Shine usually contains a polymer blend and can last up to a year in a good case with the proper training. When getting a polish, look for one with “Teflon” for high security.

Auto car wax and look

Don’t be fool by the “wet” look on that nice car in the ad either! Most every ad you see trying to sell a car polish or auto car wax will have a class A paint job. Sure, the wax and polish bring that paint out somewhat but the real shine is in the paint. Please do not fool thinking. And also that your dull paint takes back to a showroom shine by buying.

The next “miracle” wax or polish out there. I have been there and done that before! Now with that said, if I did not have a “clear” coat on my paint (most vehicles coats are very clear after 1990 ). And my paint also fades, there is a chance that I could use some rubbing mixture to remove the faded areas and then apply car wax or car polish to it later and it might look 90% better than before.

Before wax think about

To sum up what I am saying, first, have good paint on your vehicle. Before even thinking about trying to get a great shine. Next, if you drive it daily or always, I would stick with any good “polish”. If you have a show car you can try the pure carnauba waxes. They are very good, but as I said earlier, they don’t give strength. Also, don’t be too concerned about which one is better. Because, for a daily driver, anything is better than nothing at all.

Many people Never wax or polish their daily vehicle. And also that is a recipe for paint disaster if the vehicle constantly stays outside in the parts. Last but surely not least, make sure the surface is well. Wash and clean before putting on any car polish or car wax. You don’t want to seal that dirt up under your freshly polished or waxed car, do you?

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